SOUTHFIELD, Mich., June 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Covisint Corporation (Nasdaq:COVS) a leading cloud platform provider enabling Internet of Things (IoT) and Identity Management-centric (IdM) solutions, today announced the general availability of its next-generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This release takes developer productivity to the next level by empowering developers with complete, self-service capabilities and accelerators to develop, deliver and manage the lifecycle of IoT, IdM and B2B collaboration solutions on the Covisint Platform.

"The Internet of Things is changing the world," said Aaron Aubrecht, Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing at Covisint. "While each IoT solution will be unique, they will all require the enterprise-grade identity and data exchange capabilities Covisint invented and matured over the last decade to ensure that these solutions are secure, compliant and intelligent. By making it simple for developers to build directly on our platform, they are now able to bring solutions to market faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before, thereby helping businesses realize the transformational potential of IoT."

A key component of the Covisint PaaS, the Covisint Developer Portal, allows a developer to create a complete development environment in minutes, whenever they want. And, unlike other cloud platforms that require proprietary tools or languages, this release introduces a comprehensive set of RESTful APIs to expose the core functional capabilities of the platform, enabling rapid solution development while empowering developers to build their applications using their preferred languages and protocols.

"Time to market, freedom of choice, and ultimately solution performance are critical to IoT solution development, and our next-generation platform was designed with this in mind," said Steve Asam, Chief Technology Officer at Covisint. "Our API-first, IaaS-agnostic architecture is a game changer for developer productivity and global scalability for IoT, IdM and B2B solutions."

The Covisint Platform has also been architected to support two key requirements of IoT solutions – performance and scale. The platform uses a micro-services architecture, which allows solutions built on the platform to be highly performant, at Internet-scale. As the market continues to evolve, application response time and data residency requirements have created the need for a more modular and scalable approach to infrastructure. By using OpenStack and CloudFoundry, the Covisint Platform can now place a running instance when and where it's needed on any standard IaaS. And, as Covisint has done for the last 12 years, the Covisint PaaS is backed by industry leading SLAs and operations to ensure enterprise-grade service, quality, performance and availability.

"We are on the verge of the next big transformation in the IT industry as our physical world continually collides with our virtual one," said David Segura, CEO of VisionIT. "For us, it was critical to partner with a company that had a proven foundation and the ability to enable our developer team to innovate and bring new solutions to market quickly, without wasting valuable time and resources learning new languages and systems. As an early pioneer in IoT, Covisint was the clear choice. Together, VisionIT and Covisint are delivering both the technology and industry know-how our clients need to embrace the IoT movement and drive new opportunity and value to customers."

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Covisint provides an open, developer-friendly, enterprise-class cloud platform to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT), Identity Management (IdM), and B2B collaboration solutions. Our platform enables users to securely identify, authenticate and connect users, devices, applications and information, and has been successfully operating globally at enterprise scale for over 12 years. Today, the Covisint platform enables more than 3,000 organizations to connect with more than 212,000 business partners and customers, and supports more than $4 billion in ecommerce transactions annually. Learn more at

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