The 15 Best-Rated CEOs in the U.S.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Who are the best CEOs in the U.S. according to their employees?

The names range from those at the helm of tech companies to finance, manufacturing, travel and tourism and other kinds of firms, according to online jobs review site Glassdoor's third annual Employees' Choice Awards for the 50 Highest Rated CEOs for 2015.

The ranking is based solely on the input of employees (between Apr. 22, 2014 and Apr. 21, 2015) who anonymously and voluntarily provide feedback via the Glassdoor company review surveys, which "encourages feedback on whether they approve or disapprove of how their CEO is leading the company, along with insight into their job, work environment and company," Glassdoor said.

Among this year's list of 50 top leaders, 20 CEOs are repeats from last year. Some of the new ones include Chevron's (CVX) John Watson (ranked No. 16); Sephora's Calvin McDonald (ranked No. 17) and Airbnb's Brian Chesky (ranked No. 48).

CEOs considered for the list, which tracks large companies, must have received at least 100 reviews, Glassdoor said, which also put out a list of the 50 highest rated small and medium company CEOs.

TheStreet's list identifies the top 15 chief executives for public companies from Glassdoor's list, counting down to the top CEO, as rated by employees.

Note: In many instances it appears that CEOs tied in ranking, but Glassdoor said the numbers have been rounded up from as far out as five decimal points to determine the rank.

15. Marc Benioff
Market Cap: $46 billion
Glassdoor Rating: 92%

Marc Benioff is chairman and CEO of cloud computing company, Benioff founded the company in 1999. He is 50 years old.

Employee comment: "Salesforce is full of smart and creative people who are passionate about innovation and customer success. The CEO and executive leadership team do an excellent job ensuring all employees are aligned with the company vision and inspired to contribute. The products are incredible." - UI/User Experience Designer in San Francisco

14. Lyndon Rive
Market Cap: $5 billion
Glassdoor Rating: 92%

Lyndon Rive is co-founder and CEO of Solar City, which he co-founded with his brother (and with the support of his cousin, Tesla's (TSLA) Elon Musk) in 2006. Rive is 37 years old. Musk is SolarCity's chairman.

Employee comment: "From the top down we participate in weekly and monthly state of the company meetings that very concisely convey where we are at, where we're going and exactly how we're going to get there." - SolarCity Inside Energy Consultant in Las Vegas

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