NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Google's (GOOG) YouTube is delving deeper into the music business, unveiling a new tool aimed at helping artists better understand how their music is being received around the world.

The data tool, called Music Insights, is part of the recently launched "YouTube for Artists" Web site. It can show cities around the world where an artist is popular, an artist's top tracks on YouTube and views from official music videos and fan uploads.

YouTube says it calculates an artist's total aggregated views using the site's Content ID system, including data from September 2014 and onwards. It also breaks down an artist's fanbase in terms of cities and countries where the artist has the highest total views.

YouTube for Artists Product Manager Michael Cumberbatch said artists can leverage the data to help their careers.

"This data can help you get a song added to radio by showing a programmer how big your local fan base is," Cumberbatch wrote to artists in a blog post. "It can be a great resource when mapping a tour, since top cities could be a good indicator for where fans might come out to see a concert. And you can share insights from your data to build buzz for a new video or express appreciation to the fans who helped get you here."

For now, Music Insights offers data for more than 10,000 of the most popular artists on YouTube and Google, and YouTube says it plans to add more artists all the time.

YouTube says it's also making YouTube for Artists available in 22 languages.

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