NASHUA, N.H., June 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SMTP, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMTP), a global provider of cloud-based marketing technologies, today announced that its international direct sales effort in the United Kingdom has quickly gained traction under the leadership of U.K. Sales Director Vaughn Liley, who was hired in February of this year. To date in 2015, the company recorded 15 customer wins for its SharpSpring marketing automation product worth over $90,000 in annual recurring revenue value.

SMTP also hosted its first U.K. SharpSpring customer event earlier this month and attracted nearly 40 attendees. The attendees were treated to a discussion by current SharpSpring customers who shared their perspective on using the marketing automation product for themselves and their agency clients, as well as the product's ease-of-use, implementation, training and customer support. Additionally, SharpSpring representatives took the opportunity to solicit ideas from current and prospective customers on future product enhancements and to "compare and contrast" feature sets, capabilities and cost-effectiveness with other, more expensive and better known marketing automation solutions like HubSpot and Marketo.

Speakers at the event included:
  • Adam Whittaker, Managing Director, Reardon Smith Whitaker
  • Neil Edwards, Owner, The Marketing Eye
  • Matt Lambert, Director, Search marketing, Conversationware Ltd.

"The company has put a stake in the ground in the U.K. quickly and effectively," said Nicholas Eckert, Senior Vice President, International Sales. "Vaughn Liley has only been on the job for 4 months and has already been able to demonstrate a meaningful return on our investment in this market."

"We've been astonished at the volume of features SharpSpring packs. It's so versatile, we can use it in many different ways with pretty much every client on our books," said Jeremy Roberts, Managing Director of OMC Web Design, who attended the event. "I'm very impressed with performance, support and the cost-effectiveness of SharpSpring. SharpSpring fills a wide open market need for a fully capable marketing automation solution that is easy to use and does not require a back-breaking budget commitment. I like to think of SharpSpring as 2nd generation marketing automation."

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SMTP, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMTP) is a global provider of cloud-based marketing solutions ranging from sophisticated marketing automation (via subsidiary SharpSpring) to comprehensive email and mobile marketing (via subsidiary GraphicMail) and scalable, cost-effective email deliverability services. The company's product family is hallmarked by its flexible architecture, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness. SMTP augments its industry-leading technology with high-quality, multilingual customer service and support. SMTP, Inc. is headquartered in Nashua NH, and can be found on the web at SharpSpring, based in Gainesville, FL, can be found on the web at GraphicMail, based in Geneva, Switzerland, can be found on the web at

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