Travel Like a Rock Star -- Blue Star Launching Uber for Private Flights

Updated from June 2 to include additional information in the sixth paragraph.

NEW YORK (The Street) -- As the popularity of on-demand transportation, such as Uber, continues to grow, one company is taking the lead for private jets.

Blue Star Jets officially launched an app on May 28 that will allow users to book on-the-spot any aircraft at any airport.

Company president Todd Rome said the business, which has been providing chartered flights for 15 years, has already seen a spike in both volume and interest.

"The world's moving in that direction," Rome said in a phone conversation. "Customers want simplicity. And multiple operatives give them the best bid and therefore the best price." Blue Star Jets expects the app will help it double its business within the next five years -- one-third of which comes from business-related travel.

The app, which is available for free on both iOS and Android, offers users the chance to compare prices, search for specific types of aircrafts and book flights instantly from their phones or tablets.  Users can also book one of Blue Star Jets' empty leg flights, which fly either to or from their point of origin empty to pick up other charter clients.

Flying with Blue Star Jets will cost varying prices, with chartering a light jet starting at $3,500 per hour, according to Rome. Prices depend on multiple factors including the size and type of aircraft and the number of passengers being transported. Customers can also incur additional costs for using the company's car service to and from the airport, along with other benefits of flying with Blue Star Jets.

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