10 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Travel to on Business

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Oh, do you want to have a good cry about how expensive it is to travel to any city in the United States? Try traveling to cities around the world and tell us what a deep discount you're getting.

London-based MVF Global and its U.S. Expert Market team compiled a list of the world's most expensive cities for business travelers, and U.S. cities failed to crack the Top 20. In fact, only New York ($442.59 per day) and San Francisco ($444.66) cracked the Top 30.

“While it is not surprising that Europe is the most expensive continent, it is a shock that no U.S. city ranks in the top 20,” says Ian Wright, head of Expert Market. “Hotel rooms and other expenses are very high in New York and San Francisco, so it is a surprise they are not ranked towards the top of the list.”

Still, as Utrecht-based BCD Travel noted in its research for this report, the United States spends more on business travel than any other country in the world. In 2013 business travel spending reached $274 billion in the U.S., with only China getting anywhere close with $225 billion in business travel spending.

No other country reached the $200 billion mark. That U.S. business travel spending is only expected to increase this year, with the total projection to top $310 billion. Not that business travel is exactly cheap anywhere — last year the average cost of a domestic business trip in the United States was $990, with the average for an international trip hitting $2,525.

Even Expert Market notes that its U.S. team is able to make many more business trips in a year than the company's staff in European markets, largely because of the lower costs. With the help of the Expert Markets staff and SmarterTravel's Ed Perkins, we sorted out a Top 10 and discovered why certain locations are so expensive and what travelers and businesses can do to offset costs:

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