Calling Hercules -- What FIFA Needs Is Not a Fixer but a New Broom

LONDON (TheDeal) -- Well done, you American chaps!

We do get a bit defensive when you want to extradite our white-collar criminals, but it really is about time those foreign Johnnies at the Fédération Internationale de Football Association got a good kicking. After all, how can you trust an organization that doesn't even bother to translate its name into English?

Brits from the most storied English schools have always known that soccer wasn't a game for gentlemen. Rugby football, which is like American football but without the protective body armor, was the brutal game on "the playing fields of Eton," that famously prepared our top military men for command.

The soccer-playing classes were sent into battle as cannon fodder.

And there the governing body of world soccer goes, proving us right once again. You send in the feds, the Swiss send in their crack teams to arrest top FIFA officials on corruption charges and, presto, nothing much happens.

Fortified with strong words of support from Russian president Vladimir Putin, FIFA president Sepp Blatter insists on standing for re-election on May 29 to his fifth term at the helm.

It is true, he says, that some people want to hold him "ultimately responsible" for the soccer community, but he can't "monitor everyone all of the time."

A gentleman would stand aside in favor of someone who might be able to monitor everyone at least some of the time. A gentleman would stand aside in favor of someone who might be prepared to say the buck, or in this case, the ball, stops with him.

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