Tesla Model S P85D Review -- Even Superman Would Be Jealous

I finally got a chance to test drive and review the $133,320 red Tesla ( TSLA) Model S P85D after the company unveiled it in September 2014. After eight long months, I can say it was worth the wait.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning getting what he's always wanted, something akin to this:


I test drove the P85 Model S about  18 months ago, so I knew what I was getting into in terms of the style and luxury inside the car, as well as the power I'd feel getting behind the steering wheel.

Once you're sitting in the $3,500 black, next-generation driver seat, you notice just how much more this is an experience than a car. It's something that you need to let your sense of sight, sound, touch and smell (new car smells are the best!) experience. I felt invincible.

Every car has a theme song and this one almost punches you in the face it's so obvious -- the Superman theme song. 

The 17-inch dashboard is incredibly easy to use, almost to a fault. It's essentially a giant iPad, with touchscreen controls for everything, from the sunroof to climate control to media, navigation, the calendar, energy usage, the Internet and connecting to your phone.

Tesla recently updated its software to Version 6.2, designed to end range anxiety -- the feeling drivers get when they're about to run out of a charge. Aside from the dual motor, this is one of the more important improvements Tesla has added to the Model S, allowing drivers to look up Supercharger stations in real time, plan trips, automatic emergency braking and a host of other features.

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