Google Is Betting YouTube Will Make You Want to Buy Things

 NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Google (GOOG) wants viewers to buy more stuff. Through YouTube.

The search giant announced a new feature to shorten the path to purchasing a product you see advertised on YouTube. It displays product prices (and details) via a small panel and, if users click a link, redirects them to a shopping site.

The feature is designed to capitalize on "micro-moments" -- those brief "I want to know about something" instants that, in the modern world, usually lead to a quick Google search for an answer. By giving its viewers more information and a link, Google expects they might be more liable to go ahead and buy the product they were interested in right then.

It's an addition to the Mountain View, Calif.-based company's previous upgrade to its video advertising. Last month, it introduced interactive cards to ads on its TrueView platform that enable advertisers to add more information to their commercials. Those cards are where the links to shopping sites will now be found.

According to Ad Age, the search behemoth's move is a bid to increase its share of direct-response digital advertising, a category that garnered 59.1% of the $50.11 billion digital ad spend in the last year. Google reported declining rates for its search advertising category during its earnings call last month.  

"This [initiative] will definitely move the needle [for YouTube]," says Pieter Mees, CEO of Zentrick, which produces interactive elements for online video ads.

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