eBay Releases Apple Watch App For ‘Glanceable’ Interactions

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- eBay (EBAY) today joins the list of more than 3,500 third party apps on the Apple (AAPL) Watch, betting that the new wearable will provide a new way to interact with consumers, specifically when it comes to auctions.

While eBay has been discussing the app for some time now, it's finally releasing it into the hands of Watch owners. The company first started planning the app in January and was originally listed on a featured apps list on Apple until earlier this month, but eBay wasn't able to obtain an actual Watch until the first day it was sold, so the team wanted to spend some time testing the app on the device before taking it public.

The company's main goal with the Apple Watch app is to increase engagement with consumers, said John Tapley, senior product manager of mobile and wearables at eBay. Tapley and his team aren't necessarily focused on sales numbers but rather looking for repeat visits and retention in the app.

"We see the internet expanding out to all different platforms, so of course as a marketplace we want to best suit the needs of our customers," Tapley said. "A lot of third party [Watch] apps have been struggling with performance. We've seen the metrics running around the news around the dropoff rate for wearables. Especially with this platform we want to keep people using it and giving them good utility so they have a reason to come back."

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