The History of M&A and Dealmaking, Encased in a Tiny, Plastic Toy

NEW YORK (TheDeal) -- D. Graham Burnett has developed an unlikely obsession with deal toys.

Burnett, a professor of the history of science at Princeton University, wrote a short history of the Lucite objects for Cabinet Magazine early this year. But the publication of "Tombstones and Toys" did not exhaust his interest in the topic, and in April he and artist Ben Thorp Brown put together a one-night pop-up show of deal toys.

The duo began the evening by showing "La chant de la styrene," a short film that Frenchman Alain Resnais made about the production of plastics for Pechinay in 1958, followed by a piece of video art that Brown put together about the production of deal toys at a plant in Canada, where almost all of them are made. The two men and their audience then engaged in a round of theorizing about the meaning and social function of the deal toys they had assembled.


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