Apple Watch Will Be a Hit With Millennials -- Here's Why

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Millennials are going to love the Apple (AAPL) Watch. As an official millennial, I can say this with some authority. As for actually putting my money where my mouth is, I have opted to get one and I think many of my generation will, too. 

In a brief, informal survey with the Leaders Investment Club -- a new online investing club to which I and many of my fellow millennials belong -- the majority of the members surveyed, said that the Apple Watch is headed in the right direction and that it owns the wearable technology industry going forward. Some also see it as a fashion statement and that the ability to simply buy one shows one's wealth. And, besides, Jim Cramer owns one!

Speaking of fashion, I like the look and feel of Samsung's (SSNLF) Gear better because the grip and hold of the watch is much stronger. The Samsung smartwatch curves and hugs the wearer's wrist, which looks much more slick and crisp. But I'm just one millennial -- and I bought an Apple Watch, anyway. I'm not going to fight the tide.

The Apple Watch has been one of the most awaited gadgets of 2015, and it could be one of the most popular during the holiday season this year. BMO Capital Markets  (BMO) recently predicted that it would sell 19 million units this year, with more than half the sales coming in the holiday season. 

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