NEW YORK (The Street) -- Verizon (VZ) isn't the only company that wants to bulk up on ad tech. Programmatic ad stocks are expected to be prime targets for M&A activity in the wake of Verizon's $4.4 billion AOL (AOL) deal.

"I think the sea change in the way digital media is being bought and sold will result in consolidation in ways we haven't really thought of yet," Brett Huff, a media analyst at Stephens, said in a phone interview.

Potential acquirers include ad tech companies, online publishers, enterprise software providers, like Oracle (ORCL), and other wireless carriers looking to squeeze more ad dollars from their video offerings.

"It's anyone looking to gain scale with advertisers or publishers, anyone who is looking for software to make advertising more efficient," Andrew McNellis, an analyst at Evercore ISI, said in a phone interview.

McNellis called ad tech company Rocket Fuel (FUEL), a "natural candidate" to partner with an enterprise software provider in a recent report.

Rocket Fuel's shares are up more than 20% since Friday when the company said it received a $350 million unsolicited buyout offer from a rival, Gravity4, which it has turned down.

Shares in other programmatic stocks, including Tube Mogul (TUBE) and Millennial Media (MM) have also been on the move lately. Rubicon Project (RUBI) is up 4% since the Verizon AOL deal was announced.

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