The Best Financial Apps For Apple Watch - And What You Must Avoid

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Call it abundance. The Apple Watch already has 3500 apps ready for download, said company CEO Tim Cook on his recent earnings call with Wall Street. Cook put that in perspective. At launch the iPhone had 500 apps ready for download. iPad, at launch, had 1000 by Cook’s count. But know this: a lot of the Apple Watch apps probably are mainly a means of killing time.

Yes, Apple has banned from Apple Watch sound-effect fart apps and also apps that do nothing but tell time. But there are plenty more apps that do not a lot that real users will likely need. And then there are the ones that make you smile in smug knowledge that you invested wisely in Apple Watch, because these are the apps that make you money, at least save you money and also help you spend smartly. Such as?

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