INDIANAPOLIS, April 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spartan Emergency Response ("Spartan"), a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPAR), will feature its new Intelligent Backup Camera System ("IBCS") during the 2015 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) April 23-25 in booths #2409 & 2423 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This system is differentiated by the ability to read, interpret and display digital data. The system's video processing enables an unmatched feature-set including distance estimation, object detection and active guidance. Availability of the Intelligent Backup Camera System from Spartan Emergency Response begins in August 2015.

Competing systems are based on image reproduction or ultrasonic technologies and often require additional sensors and cameras. Exclusively from Spartan ER, the Intelligent Backup Camera resets the standard for protection of both life and property.

"Spartan is excited to take the traditional backup camera and bring to market new features not previously found in the emergency response industry," said Dan Slater, President of Spartan Emergency Response. "Firefighters can maneuver their apparatus with confidence due to distance estimation, object detection and active guidance capabilities in our system. With the NHTSA requiring all passenger automobiles to be manufactured with backup camera systems beginning in 2016, we felt the need to bring to the industry a product which exceeds the capabilities of those currently found in a firefighter's personal vehicle."

By using a video processing unit, the Intelligent Backup Camera System designed by Spartan is capable of taking a single camera input and adding in multiple features, which enhance the situational awareness of the driver.

Of the revolutionary functions found on the Intelligent Backup Camera System, the largest addition is object detection. The Intelligent Backup Camera System can detect objects and tag them with an icon to alert the driver. When a fire truck is in reverse, the system can tag and track the closest object. This system provides a reliable method of detecting moving objects, such as people, even while the vehicle is stationary. When the rig is moving, the system is capable of distinguishing moving from stationary objects. The system can also detect when the apparatus is in close proximity to a wall, another truck, or a person.

Use of the vision detection technology establishes this system as best in class. Conventional systems use ultrasonic sensors for detection. This method can only detect when an object is present and the general distance. A vision processing system can actually tag the exact object, saving precious time spent searching for the detected object and allowing for earlier braking action and improved safety.

Also differentiating the Intelligent Backup Camera System is distance estimation, which goes hand-in-hand with object detection. When the IBCS detects an object, it computes the distance from the vehicle and provides a color code - green, yellow or red. Objects further from the vehicle are tagged green while objects that are dangerously close are red. This detection also produces an audible warning that changes as the object becomes closer.

The third differentiating technology is active guidance. The IBCS reads the position of the steering wheel and provides grid lines on screen which accurately represent the vehicle's path.

The Intelligent Backup Camera System from Spartan Emergency Response Features:
  • Best in class technology: competitive analysis* validates unique technologies/features and product differentiation - a powerful new system
    • Object Detection: detect and track objects in the path of the apparatus, keeping the driver more aware of what is going on behind the vehicle
    • Distance Estimation: once an object is detected, the system can determine the distance to an object; providing visual and audio indications
    • Active Guidance: system produces accurate backup lines to guide the driver while in reverse
    • Single High Performance Camera: system utilizes innovative LVDS camera technology for maximum object detection accuracy. The IBCS requires only one camera, instead of a multiple cameras and/or sensors.

* Research conducted by Spartan and the supplier partner.

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