Lower Energy Costs For Your Vehicle

Have your mechanic test your battery to see if you need replace your current one. Warm temperature can shorten the life span of batteries.

“Heat kills batteries,” said James Garnand, a board member of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals and owner of Hi-Tech Auto Care in Phoenix. “Have your professional mechanic test yours, so you don’t get stranded in the heat.”

Check your tire pressure, especially as the temperatures rises. Having the correct amount of tire pressure can minimize unnecessary wear and tear on the tires, not to mention prevent a full blow-out while you are driving.

“Every car has recommended pressure levels that should be adhered to and checked regularly,” he said. “The recommended pressures are when it is cold, so you should check them in the morning and they may need to be adjusted based on your vehicle’s load.”

Monitor all the fluid levels in your car, not just the oil. The transmission, radiator, power steering, windshield and brake fluids should all be examined.

“These fluids should be checked by a mechanic who will not only look at the levels but will assess the quality of the fluid,” said Garnand. “This is inexpensive maintenance that should be done on a regular basis.”

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