Liquidity Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: LQDT), a global solution provider in the reverse supply chain with the world's largest marketplace for business surplus, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new brand. The new brand consolidates the Company's marketplace brands under the Liquidity Services name for client interactions and coincides with the Company's LiquidityOne transformation program to provide commercial clients with a singular and superior experience when they engage Liquidity Services.

Aligned with the Company's strategy to provide a unified experience to its client base, the brand includes a refined customer value message, a new tagline, and an energized visual identity, comprising a new logo, color palette, and imagery. The Company's new website,, provides a rich experience for business executives to discover industry-leading solutions and case studies for managing surplus assets across the globe.

One Company, More Customer Value

"Over the last 15 years, we have assembled tremendous knowledge, data, talent, and capabilities in the global reverse supply chain. Liquidity Services has evolved from a liquidation marketplace for surplus assets to a leading global solution provider serving blue chip companies in every major industry. Today, we provide robust sales channels, comprehensive asset valuations, asset redeployment, recycling, return-to-vendor, and refurbishment programs for a prestigious roster of commercial and governmental clients," said Bill Angrick, Chairman and CEO of Liquidity Services. "Our new brand represents our transformation to a unified and integrated enterprise that solves our clients' needs for virtually any asset type, in any location. We are creating a better future for how surplus assets are managed, valued, and sold. Our new tagline 'A Better Future for Surplus' reflects our commitment to raise the level of our own performance and, in doing so, elevate what client organizations should expect in the reverse supply chain industry."

A Brand Built on Customer Feedback

Liquidity Services' rebrand better articulates a customer value proposition that meets the needs of its target audience of Global 500 and Fortune 1000 executives. In conducting nearly 30 in-depth interviews and analyzing survey responses from approximately 200 current and prospective clients across major industries - from energy, to industrial manufacturing, to retail - the Company established a deep understanding of the value drivers global organizations need most from their reverse supply chain partners.

"Our brand clearly expresses how our strengths meet the most critical client needs - today and in the future," said Angrick. "Leading organizations know there are great opportunities, as well as risks, in their reverse supply chain. They're looking for an industry leader who can provide consultative and responsive service, backed by experience. They want a provider who can manage all of their surplus assets in all locations to simplify operations. And they want a partner they can trust to responsibly mitigate risks, maximize return, and invest in innovation. In consistently providing better service, scale, and results, Liquidity Services is that partner."

New Branding Supports Company Growth Strategy

The Company's new brand is aligned with its strategy to establish the most forward-looking reverse supply chain operations. The Company recently launched its LiquidityOne transformation initiative to identify and implement best practices within the Company, thereby enhancing the overall client experience and reinforcing the new brand promise. Among other projects, this program establishes:
  • A centralized, global sales team organized by industry and geographic region to hone expertise and empower a client-centric, go-to-market strategy;
  • A single data warehouse for better business intelligence to report and advise on asset values, merchandising strategies, and buyer markets;
  • A centralized marketing team with functional centers of excellence to regularly monitor "voice of customer" trends and aggressively grow the buyer market for surplus goods;
  • A single asset category search taxonomy and marketing automation system for better navigation and management of asset promotions to buyers across marketplaces;
  • One world-class online experience for buyers to drive buyer satisfaction and loyalty, supported by a centralized customer service team.

"Our new brand leverages our 15 years of industry leadership and stands as an unwavering commitment to our clients," said Angrick. "By partnering with Liquidity Services, clients can expect to leverage solutions that will unlock strategic value in the reverse supply chain."

About Liquidity Services

Liquidity Services is a global solution provider in the reverse supply chain with the world's largest marketplace for business surplus. We partner with global Fortune 1000 corporations, middle market companies, and government agencies to intelligently transform surplus assets and inventory from a burden into a liquid opportunity that fuels the achievement of strategic goals. Our superior service, unmatched scale, and ability to deliver results enable us to forge trusted, long-term relationships with over 7,000 clients worldwide. With approximately $1 billion in annual sales proceeds, and nearly 3 million buyers in almost 200 countries and territories, we are the proven leader in delivering smart surplus solutions. Let us build a better future for your surplus. Visit us at

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