SEATTLE, April 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CannaBrands, Inc. (OTCPK:CBMJ) a cannabis branding company, today launched its new website. It can be found at the same address as before, CannaBrands intends the new website to support its products as well as serve as a portal for interested individuals and companies to explore joining with the company to produce and distribute CannaBrands unique branded products and formulations designed to help them on the path to success in this emerging marketplace.

Mark Schaftlein, Cannabrands CEO said: "CannaBrands is moving forward. We are now actively recruiting operators in all the states where our diversified portfolio of cannabis brands can be produced and distributed. This new website design is the latest piece in the ongoing execution of our business plan. Right now we are in various stages of establishing a presence in 8 states, while our products are currently available in two, Washington and Oregon."

About CannaBrands, Inc.: The business of CannaBrands is developing and licensing uniquely branded specialty goods targeted to cannabis consumers residing in the states where the production and consumption of cannabis infused products, such as bottled sodas, coffee beverages, baked goods and other cannabis infused products are legal for consumption by persons who are qualified to purchase and consume cannabis. At CannaBrands we hold our company and our products to the highest standards, differentiating our products from others in the market.
CONTACT: CannaBrands Ltd.         1-888-856-4782