AOL's first long-form series for AOL Originals, CONNECTED, received over one million views in its first week, and more than 15 percent of views of the series' first episode were on over-the-top (OTT) devices. This marks one of the most successful opening weeks for an AOL Originals series.

The show premiered on March 31 st and is adapted from the award-winning Israeli docu-drama series from Koda Communications ("Mehubarim Plus") . The next four episodes of CONNECTED will be available on Monday, April 13 th at 12:00PM ET. Viewers can stream from, or from the AOL On app available on iOS and Android mobile devices and on 16 major OTT platforms.

Dermot McCormack of AOL Originals, Ram Landes and Ami Teer of Koda Communications as well as Morgan Spurlock of Warrior Poets serve as executive producers on the show.

CONNECTED is an innovative docu-drama series capturing American life through the eyes of extraordinary New Yorkers, based on the critically acclaimed Israeli series that has become a break out hit in 22 countries around the world.

CONNECTED features six personal stories, weaving together the people, lives and experiences that make up the fabric of New York City. Each character was given a camcorder to intimately document their own lives over the course of six months. The stories are filmed and told by the characters themselves, thus remaining organically grounded in their real life conflicts and dilemmas. By revealing their individual life stories and relationships, the characters create a larger narrative of who we are as a society and establish the reminder that we are all universally CONNECTED.

Connected S1:E5 | Divorce is the New ChanelDescription: Lori's parenting comes into question during her and Jan's weekend in Connecticut with the kids. After nine years of marriage and seven years apart, Jonathan's wife comes to New York to get a divorce. Rosie drops a bombshell about her wedding day as she examines her past marriage and relationship.

Connected S1:E6 | Spinning Life's CurveballsDescription: Jonathan sends his novel out for reviews and awaits his fate. Eli and Ido give role reversals a try at home so Eli can balance his new work schedule and responsibilities. Rosie watches her boyfriend Josh's career soar while struggling to make her own dreams come true.

Connected S1:E7 | Tearing Down WallsDescription: As the holidays and nuptials approach, the pace picks up on Lori's wedding planning. Eli confronts Ido about finding closure for their loss while they struggle to move forward and allow for celebration. Tensions arise between Nina and Stefano as they begin renovations on their apartment and must move in with her in-laws, all the while planning their long-awaited baby shower, where Nina and Stefano's mothers meet for the first time.

Connected S1:E8 | It Must Be ThanksgivingDescription: Derek spends Thanksgiving with the three most important women in his life. While spending the holiday with cousins, Eli and Ido wonder if their daughter needs a mother figure. Lori remembers the lonely holidays of her youth as she prepares to host her first Thanksgiving with her new family. Nina and Stefano struggle with the inevitable life changes their imminent parenthood will bring.

The schedule for the following episode installments is below:

April 27: Episodes 9 - 12 May 11: Episodes 13 - 16 May 25: Episodes 17 - 20

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Koda Communications is one of Israel's most innovative production companies, recognized as a powerhouse of creativity and management, as well as an executive force of cutting-edge products for the television industry. Founded by Ram Landes in 2006, Koda has since accumulated high esteem and recognition as a one-stop-shop for content.


Warrior Poets is a New York based production company founded in 2004 by Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Since its creation, he and producing partner Jeremy Chilnick have produced multiple award winning films and television programs. Films include  One Direction: This Is Us, POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope, Mansome, Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?, and Freakonomics. Television projects include the award-winning FX series 30 Days, the IDA award-winning CNN series Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man, Showtime's 7 Deadly Sins, ESPN's The Dotted Line, Emmy and Writer's Guild nominated The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3D on Ice!. Digital projects include Hulu's A Day in the Life, Yahoo's Mansome, Failure Club, and Losing It with John Stamos, and Sky Atlantic HD's Morgan Spurlock's New Britannia.

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