Daegis Announces Information Archive Product Compatibility With Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Daegis Inc. (NASDAQ:DAEG), a global information governance, data migration solutions and development tools company, today announced its AXS-One Information Archive is now optimized to run on the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. Having achieved product compatibility, customers can now leverage a comprehensive information governance platform optimized by the application-aware performance of the Oracle storage appliance. Together, Daegis and Oracle will reduce both the cost and associated risk of data preservation, increase the value of the data to the enterprise, and enhance corporate governance.

As an application compatible to run on the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Daegis brings its information governance solution to those enterprise and mid-market customers running Oracle, delivering them maximum performance, high levels of data protection and reliability, availability, and scalability. Oracle ZFS is an application engineered storage appliance designed to reduce the cost, complexity and sprawl of storage applications throughout the enterprise.

"Optimizing the archive for storage appliances such as Oracle ZFS addresses what companies are looking for today, which is to manage their ever growing data volumes and storage requirements while simultaneously improving information governance in the enterprise," said Tim Bacci, CEO of Daegis. "Today, companies deal with exorbitant amounts of data from voicemail, instant messages, email, files and reports, structured data, social platforms and that data resides in many places and many formats. Whether the driver is knowledge management, compliance and retention, litigation, or wanting to make use of big data analytics, it's important for enterprises to have the data readily accessible in a high performance and cost effective environment."

The calibration of Daegis' AXS-One Archive for Oracle ZFS produces a massively scalable and affordable enterprise storage system, with extraordinary levels of performance for archiving volumes of unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources. The benefits of this advance solution include:
  • Maximize value of information assets while minimizing cost and risks
  • Satisfy a broad range of compliance obligations including regulatory, legal and audit
  • Reduce eDiscovery costs and burdens including those for preservation and litigation hold
  • Minimize data proliferation through centralization, de-duplication and data encryption
  • Provide fast and reliable enterprise search across multiple data types and sources
  • Deliver high density storage in a high availability configuration


Daegis's AXS-One Information Archive solution and Oracle ZFS are both currently available from Daegis and Oracle respectively.

About Daegis Inc.

Daegis Inc. (NASDAQ: DAEG) is a global enterprise software and services company with comprehensive product offerings for information governance, data migration and application development. Our products include leading-edge information archive and eDiscovery, technology assisted review, mobile application development, application migration and data management software. Daegis also offers specialized services including analytics consulting, project management, managed document review and professional services and support. Approximately 20% of Fortune 100 companies use Daegis software. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Daegis has offices in Rutherford, New Jersey and Roseville, California as well as in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. Visit www.daegis.com to learn more about Daegis' software and services solutions.

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