DUBLIN, Ireland and MELBOURNE, Australia, March 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nexvet Biopharma (Nasdaq:NVET), a veterinary biologic therapy developer, announced today an update on its pivotal field safety and efficacy study for its lead product candidate (NV-01), a novel monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapy for the control of pain associated with osteoarthritis in dogs.

The study, which commenced in October 2014, was designed to enroll at least 200 dogs with naturally occurring osteoarthritis. The study, which is being conducted at veterinary clinics across the United States and Europe, has enrolled 184 dogs as of March 7, 2015, which are randomized into treatment groups with a 2:1 ratio of NV-01 to placebo study subjects.

As part of the study protocol, each dog receives three treatments at 28-day intervals. The protocol requires that, when 133 dogs reached the 28-day primary endpoint, which represented 67% of the study participants, a sample size reassessment would be performed by an independent statistician. That assessment has recently been completed.

The statistical sample size reassessment considered the performance of the two treatment groups to evaluate whether the study is adequately powered to predict a significant benefit of NV-01 treatment over placebo. The sample size reassessment also evaluated whether the study is likely to be futile based upon two measurements: 1) that placebo is superior to NV-01 with regard to treatment success, or 2) the requirement to increase the number of NV-01 treated dogs to potentially over 1,000 participants.

The outcome of the sample size reassessment was as follows: 

1. In order to have a high probability of a statistically significant endpoint at the day 28 primary assessment, it will be necessary to increase the current size of the study.

2. Futility was not observed in the sample size reassessment.

As soon as possible, the Company will be meeting with the regulatory authorities to discuss the results of the sample size reassessment. The Company is considering the optimal size for the study but currently intends to continue recruiting dogs for the study as planned. The Company is assessing the impact of time, cost, and related logistical issues regarding the feasibility of substantially increasing the number of dogs in the current study, or initiating additional studies. At this time, the study remains fully blinded, which means the results and data generated to this point are not available for the Company's review. Nexvet plans to complete the study without un-blinding it, which avoids compromising the data such that it may be used in the future for U.S. and European regulatory purposes.

"We've accumulated a strong pre-clinical data package for NV-01 and we remain committed to optimizing this promising therapy for treatment of chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis," commented Mark Heffernan, Chief Executive Officer of Nexvet.

About the NV-01 Pivotal Field Safety Study Design

Each dog receives three treatments at 28-day intervals. Efficacy is measured using two different owner-administered assessment tools, the Client-Specific Outcome Measures (CSOM) and Canine Brief Pain Inventory (CBPI), together with veterinarian assessments of pain and lameness. The study is double-blinded, meaning participants and veterinarians are unaware of which treatment group will be receiving NV-01 or a placebo. CSOM, CBPI and veterinarian assessments are being measured at enrollment and on days 14, 28, 56 and 84. The CSOM measures activities that have become difficult or have changed for the dog as a result of osteoarthritis. For the CSOM assessment, precise activities that have changed in dogs as a result of osteoarthritis are defined and re-evaluated at each assessment. The relative ability to perform such activities is assigned a numerical score at each observation. A comparison of the change in CSOM score between enrollment and day 28 is the primary endpoint for the efficacy evaluation. CSOM assessments on other days, CBPI assessments and veterinarian pain and lameness assessments are secondary endpoints.

About Nexvet ( www.nexvet.com )

Nexvet is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on transforming the therapeutic market for companion animals, such as dogs and cats, by developing and commercializing novel, species-specific biologics. Nexvet's proprietary PETization™ platform is designed to rapidly create monoclonal antibodies ("mAbs") that are recognized as "self" or "native" by an animal's immune system, a property Nexvet refers to as "100% species-specificity." Nexvet's product candidates also build upon the safety and efficacy data from clinically tested human therapies, thereby reducing clinical risk and development cost.

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