Today Neustar (NYSE:NSR) announced it reached agreement with the Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium Inc. (CLNPC) on an extension to its current contract, which will now run until Dec. 31, 2017.

Neustar has served as the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) for both the US and Canada for 18 years, providing critical infrastructure essential to accurate call routing, consumer choice and competition, and foundational support for the communications industry's transition to IP networks.

Neustar called the extension a "win-win," citing its exceptional performance record, and its commitment to serve Canadian consumers without interruption.

"We are excited to continue our service to the Canadian LNP Consortium and the telecommunications industry in Canada," said Steve Edwards, SVP, Data Solutions at Neustar, Inc. "This extension benefits Canadian consumers and service providers who have come to rely on Neustar's ability to provide exceptional performance and customer support for this critical service."

CLNPC President Jacques Sarrazin noted that the Canadian service provider community was best served by a one-year extension, and by the lower near-term pricing offered by Neustar. Sarrazin also noted that, as the future LNPA vendor has yet to be conclusively determined in the US, prudent business planning for uninterrupted access to portability through to the end of 2017 led the CLNPC to this short term extension with Neustar. Should a new vendor be chosen, the CLNPC also wishes to assess the efficacy of any transition to such new vendor prior to committing the Canadian service provider community to a specific path.

Neustar's trusted and neutral technology ensures that the multiple billions of daily calls, texts and web queries are routed the right way, every time. Whether people place calls, text or surf the Web, Neustar's complex technology helps make these connections possible.

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