NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- More than 60 companies will report fourth quarter earnings this week and investors are still unsure of how the rising U.S. dollar with sway corporate earnings. 

A prime example came this morning, when Coca-Cola (KO - Get Report) said strong sales in North America were more than enough to offset its currency woes in the international market, as the company topped on revenue and earnings per share estimates. 

In contrast, Molson Coors Brewing (TAP - Get Report) missed on EPS estimates after it cited currency woes as a "significant headwind." 

Molson Coors is "sort of stuck in the middle" between being a big multinational company and a domestic company, according to Liz Miller, president of Summit Financial Advisors. 

The difference being that domestic companies don't have to worry about hedging international currency exposure since all or most of its revenue is done in U.S. dollars, while large multinational companies hedge most of their exposure. 

The multinationals are able to "shrug" off currency fluctuations because of these hedges, she explained. With Coors caught in between, it's seeing a larger impact.

TAP Chart
Coca-Cola KO and Molson Coors Brewing TAP data by YCharts

While some companies may view a rising U.S. dollar as a negative thing, almost all companies will enjoy the effects of lower energy prices. 

According to Miller, it will also start to benefit the economy, as more and more consumers begin to take advantage of the savings. 

Gas prices are likely to stabilize and hover near these lower levels, she said. It's unlikely that a large rally will take place in the near-term. Typically, when oil prices see a large decline, it takes six to nine months for the positive impacts to be felt in the economy. 

By that measure, the economy should begin to see a boost come summer, Miller concluded. 

- - Written by Bret Kenwell 

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