NEW YORK (Real Money) -- Sometimes we really need to back up and look at the bigger picture. When I do a complete analysis of a stock or ETF, I will do a weekly, daily and at least one or two intraday charts. Each timeframe will offer us information to help us make an informed decision on our market entries.

The reason why I like to stalk weekly charts after a rather healthy move is because if we get it right, the potential for a move identified on a weekly chart can be huge. It can take a setup weeks and months to play out, but within the larger pattern I can set up the daily and intraday timeframes to fit with the higher timeframes so we can refine our entries. 

Today I want to show you a series of weekly charts where there is potential for a lot more on the upside if the key weekly support decisions are not taken out. Let's start with FirstSolar (FSLR - Get Report) . 

On the weekly chart below, this trade setup started out with both key Fibonacci price cluster support, along with some Fibonacci timing cycles. We are currently at an important hurdle on the way up here, but if the hurdles are cleared, a typical target for this weekly swing comes in at the $74 handle.

FirstSolar (FSLR) – Weekly
Source: Dynamic Trader

The next example of a major weekly decision came in SPDR Gold Shares (GLD - Get Report) last November. In this case, there was also time and price evident at that low that suggested we watch that area. Now we also have quite a bit of resistance to contend with in this ETF, but if the November low is more important, we could see much higher prices in GLD from this weekly support.

Of course, I will focus on setting up lower risk entries on pullbacks in this one rather than risking below the weekly low. 

SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) -- Weekly
Source: Dynamic Trader

I've been watching Hess (HES - Get Report) stock weekly support since December. So far we saw one rally off this area and then a retest and another bounce.

I'm still considering this low key and pivotal. Even if we only get more of a corrective rally, the upside is healthy. If we get a full reversal of the trend, the 115 handle is possible.

Hess Corporation (HES) – Weekly
Source: Dynamic Trader

Now don't get me wrong...I would not expect this to unfold in two weeks. If we know what the bigger picture targets though, we can fit our lower time frame setups into the larger patterns. 

Occidental Petroleum (OXY - Get Report) is another chart that is on key weekly support at the most recent lows. The chart below shows the potential to the 114 handle.

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) – Weekly
Source: Dynamic Trader

Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU) shows us symmetry at the most recent low.  I've started to see some buy setups already unfold on the shorter term charts in this one.

Notice that the first swing down was $50.32 and the second swing down was $50.97. When swings are this similar, I watch for possible changes in trend.

Qihoo 360 Technology QIHU – Weekly
Source: Dynamic Trader

Last but not least, I'm also seeing Exxon Mobil (XOM - Get Report) on top of key weekly support. Note the similarity between some of the prior larger declines illustrated on this chart. The 109 area is the upside potential on that one!

Exxon Mobil XOM – Weekly
Source: Dynamic Trader

Bottom line, I'm not sure we will meet these lofty upside projections in these stocks, but as long as the key weekly parameters hold up, I'm going to be looking at setting up the buy side in these on the daily and intraday charts until proven wrong.