LAS VEGAS, NEV. (TheStreet) -- If there was a ever credit card that could ease your anxiety about credit card fraud, the new MasterCard (MC)  "Hidden," coming to market later this year, would be it.


Developed by technology start-up Dynamics, Hidden is a computer masquerading as a fully functional payment card that works everywhere via swipe, tap, or online entry. And it's a security lover's dream. The card features several layers of protection you won't find on your run-of-the-mill credit card, including even a light that indicates when the card is "on" and usable.

Hidden will be available to consumers at some unspecified date in 2015 but is being shown off by Dynamics CEO Jeff Mullen for the first time Wednesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nev.

"We currently call it the Hidden card ... because it hides your information," Mullen told TheStreet. "There is no personal information on the surface of this card." 

So, if someone gets their hands on your card -- and roughly 3% to 5% of cards are lost or stolen every year, Mullen said -- it's no big deal.

In fact, Hidden doesn't even function until you turn it on by entering an unlocking code on the card's included keypad. If you enter the right code, the card number is displayed visually on the front, and also written to the card's magnetic stripe, EMV chip, and contactless chip. When you're done with the card, the display, the stripe, and the chips all are erased.

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