Investors Who Don't Understand the Power of 7 Will Lose Money in 2015

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Investors and traders around the world continually search to find or increase their edge in the financial markets to increase profits. The next few months are going to be critical for investors because the number seven is now in play for the stock market.

What does this mean?

In magical lore seven is an important number. While all numbers are ascribed certain properties and energies, seven is a number of power, a lucky number, a number of psychic and mystical powers, of secrecy and the search for truth.

Seven is used 735 times in the Bible and if you total up all words including "sevenfold" and "seventh" the total number of references is 860.

The origin of seven's power lies in the lunar cycle. The moon has four phases lasting about seven days. The Sumerians gave the week seven days. Life cycles on earth also have phases demarcated by seven, and there are seven years to each stage of human growth, seven colors to the rainbow, seven notes in the musical scale, seven petitions in the Lord's Prayer, and seven deadly sins.

More important for investors, the number seven and multiples of seven have a powerful influence on money. The U.S. stock market is trading in the seventh-year window and it should not be taken lightly.

While I could go into a lot more detail about how I use seven in my algorithmic trading strategy to swing trade the S&P 500 index. This article focuses on the investing outlook.

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