Carrier Ethernet is the de facto networking communications protocol in wide area networks (WAN), now supported by over 1000 network operators globally. Its ubiquity is only expected to grow, with bandwidth for global Ethernet business services projected to exceed 75% of total global business bandwidth by 2017, according to Vertical Systems Group. Underscoring the Company's commitment to advance Ethernet networking everywhere, Vitesse Semiconductor, a leading provider of IC solutions for Carrier, Enterprise and Internet of Things ( IoT) networks worldwide, announced its intent to fully credential its global team of field applications engineers as MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (MEF-CECPs) by the end of 2014.

The MEF-CECP is the industry's first vendor-neutral technical certification program developed by a renowned team of Carrier Ethernet subject matter experts and industry leaders. Professionals must pass a rigorous certification process to demonstrate technical prowess and Carrier Ethernet expertise.

"This technical certification is MEF's fastest growing program, with nearly a ten-fold increase in the number of MEF-CECPs since 2012, reflecting Carrier Ethernet's record growth," said Nan Chen, president of the MEF. "Certification of all their field applications team is clear evidence of Vitesse's commitment to back the Carrier Ethernet products that they bring to market with the most qualified professionals in the industry."

"With nearly 90% of our field applications engineering team having already earned the MEF-CECP designation, this brings another layer of value-added service to our customers in existing and emerging markets," said Uday Mudoi, vice president of product marketing at Vitesse. "Vitesse is proud to provide a turnkey IC and software solution that enables our customers to achieve MEF CE 2.0 equipment certification in record time. Beyond the mobile backhaul and business service delivery platforms that require CE 2.0 today, we see the same requirements emerging as critical must-haves in IoT applications. Ethernet networking is going virtually everywhere."

About the MEF

The MEF is the defining body and driving force behind the global market for Carrier Ethernet. MEF's flagship work is CE 2.0, including specifications, operational frameworks, and certification programs for services, equipment and professionals (MEF-CECP 2.0). An industry alliance consisting of more than 225 member organizations, the MEF operates through a powerful collaborative framework of service providers, network solutions suppliers to achieve its CE 2.0 development and globalization objectives.

Building on thirteen years of success and widespread adoption of CE 2.0, MEF is now focused on defining Lifecycle Service Orchestration with APIs for existing network, NFV and SDN implementations enabling Agile, Assured and Orchestrated Network as a Service. For more information about the MEF, please visit

About Vitesse

Vitesse (Nasdaq: VTSS) designs a diverse portfolio of high-performance semiconductor solutions for Carrier, Enterprise and IoT networks worldwide. Vitesse products enable the fastest-growing network infrastructure markets including Mobile Access/IP Edge, Cloud Computing, SMB/SME Enterprise and IoT Networking. Visit or follow us on Twitter @VitesseSemi.

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