NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Tyler Dikman has visited more than 700 luxury airport lounges around the world.

It's all part of his gig as CEO of LoungeBuddy, a free app that provides the exact location and inside scoop on 1,900 lounges in 600 airports worldwide.

So when Dikman talks about which airport lounges make his top 10, you'll want to listen up, because the insider advice doesn't get any better.

More importantly, all of the lounges he dishes about are open to you too. They may have been built as exclusive, members-only affairs, but here's a little known fact: About one out of every three airport lounges in the world offers one-time passes.

In the United States alone, there are more than 170 airport lounges where any traveler can buy a day pass. 

Outside the U.S., the options are even more extensive, with more than 400 lounges around the world permitting access for a one-time fee.

"Most of the airlines — United, Delta, American — these carriers still allow all passengers the ability to pay a one-time fee to access their lounges," Dikman says. "So I can walk up and pay $50 ... and you don't have to be flying the carrier associated with the lounge. It opens up the lounges to any traveler who is looking for that better experience."

That better experience can include many things, such as luxurious showers, workouts, massages, even a bath if you're in the mood. 

As someone who logs between 100,000 to 200,000 flight miles each year, Dikman has become a connoisseur of the world's best airport offerings.

Among his favorites is an over-the-top shower in the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport at the American Airlines Admiral's Club in Terminal A. 

"It's one of the coolest showers for domestic lounges," he says. "Inside the shower there are jets that come out in all directions. It's like an immersion chamber. They also have a gym at that lounge, so you can get a little cardio in as well as a shower."

While on the subject, here's another tip from Dikman that also may not be universally known by weary travelers: Close to half of airport lounges worldwide offer showers.

And these aren't moldy, gym-style showers. They are private shower rooms or shower suites akin to a luxury spa, with sinks, mirrors, towels, shampoos, conditioners and more.

Lufthansa has even been known to have bathtubs in its first-class lounges, Dikman says.

"Whether they are in an Airspace Lounge, or an American Express lounge or a Delta lounge, they have showers," Dikman says. "It's great if you're getting off of a red-eye flight at 8 a.m. and can't check into your hotel until 2 p.m. It makes all the difference. Or if your flight leaves at 5 p.m. and you've been running around all day."

In addition to lounges managed by airlines, Dikman points out that there are lounges run by private companies — such as Airspace. A relative newcomer in the U.S. market, Airspace operates lounges in San Diego International Airport, Baltimore Washington International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Airspace Lounges allow you to pay a one-time fee for use, which in some places is as little as $20. Once inside, there is an array of complimentary food and beverages and a hushed, relaxed atmosphere that seems world's away from the bustling airport.

Other comforts at Airspace Lounges complimentary one you're inside: ground-to-order cappuccinos and espressos, unlimited Peets coffee and tea, Wi-Fi and printing and scanning.

The peaceful, well-designed business workspaces at Airspace Lounges are a particularly nice offering, Dikman says.

"For the business traveler, having a space to get on the phone and to plug in your laptop so you're not hunched over at the gate area or in the food court, smelling food from the food court, is really nice," he says. "As a business traveler I make myself work wherever I can. And at the airport the options outside of lounges are really very limited. You end up sitting at a wine bar, hoping someone is not going to spill their wine and ruin your laptop, and you're always searching for a power outlet."

Here's another priceless insider's tip from Dikman: American Express' luxe airport lounges are not just for its platinum or centurion card holders.

What's that? You didn't know American Express even operated its own lounges? You're not alone.

American Express is the first credit card company to start building its own network of lounges, Dikman says. Thus far they have lounges in Dallas Fort-Worth, LaGuardia and Las Vegas. One is slated to open soon in San Francisco.

The lounges are available to platinum and centurion cardholders free of charge. But any American Express member, with any type of American Express card, can access the lounges for $50.

And when Dikman talks about these particular lounges, he practically gushes.

"These lounges go above and beyond with things like complimentary massages, celebrity chefs that have designed all of the menus, a full meal experience," he says. "Most lounges out there just offer snacks, house beers and well cocktails. The American Express lounges have master mixologists that design the drink menu and their design is outstanding, on par with high-end international premium lounges."

Finally, Dikman says weary travelers should also be on the lookout for Minute Suites.

The suites, which are almost mini bedrooms, offer travelers a private retreat to work, nap or relax. Each suite comes with a daybed, pillows, fresh blankets, a sound-masking system and more. (Oh and there's HDTV.)

"I love these guys. It's such an awesome concept," he says. "It's like your own private cabana, where you've got a bed, a desk, a power outlet, Wi-FI and DirecTV. It's like you 're own little mini office, a place to take a nap or get on the phone and do business."

Some even have showers, Dikman says. They rent by the hour for $38 or for between $80 to $90 for three hours. You can also rent them overnight. Adding a shower with the suite rental will cost $15 additional.

The company has suites in Dallas Fort-Worth, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and at the Philadelphia International Airport.

So the next time you're traveling, think about what might make your life a little better during a long, uncomfortable layover at an airport — a bed in a quiet room where you can stretch out and close your eyes? A hot shower? Perhaps a massage? All of the above?

All of those things are possible if you just know where to look.

Here's LoungeBuddy's Top 10 List of Day-Pass Accessible Lounges in the United States:

1. American Express Centurion Lounge at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Location: Terminal D
Price: $50 for a one-day pass.
Caveat: Day passes are only available for American Express cardholders.
What it offers: Complimentary cocktails with five-star chef prepared Tex-Mex buffet; gratis spa treatments; luxurious shower rooms.

2. Virgin America's The Loft at Los Angeles International Airport
Location: Terminal 3
Price: $40 for a one-time pass
Caveat: Lounge guests must be traveling on Virgin America or Virgin America partner airlines or departing from LAX Terminal 3.
What it offers: Complimentary cocktails; light snacks; modern, stylish design; excellent views of the runway.

3. Delta Air Lines' Delta Sky Club at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Location: Concourse F
Price: $50 for a one-time pass
What it offers: "The Sky Deck," an outdoor terrace offering runway views; shower suites available; free beer and wine

4. Airspace Lounge, San Diego International Airport
Location: Terminal 2
Price: $25 for a one-time pass
What it offers: Luxurious shower facilities; floor-to-ceiling windows with unobstructed views of the tarmac; customized selection of music

5. American Airlines' Admirals Club at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Location: Terminal A
Price: $50 for a one-time pass.
What it offers: Gym equipment available; luxurious shower facilities; complimentary cocktails, beer and wine.

6. The Club at SJC at Mineta San Jose International Airport
Location: Terminal A
Price: $35 for a one-time pass.
What it offers: Spacious area with plentiful modern seating; great views of the tarmac; nice selection of complimentary snacks and drinks.

7. Air New Zealand's Koru Club Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport
Location: Terminal 2
Price: $60 for a one-time pass.
What it offers: Showers; fresh premium food; selection of complimentary drinks; kids rooms for travelers with little ones.

8. Wingtips Lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport
Location: Terminal 4
Price: $50 for a one-time pass.
What it offers: Complimentary premium food and cocktails; conference rooms (for an extra charge); showers available

9.United Airlines' United Club at Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Location: Terminal 2F
Price: $50 for a one-time pass.
What it offers: Quiet, private work areas built with the business traveler in mind; stylish modern design; large windows with expansive tarmac views

10. American Express Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas International Airport
Location: Terminal 1D
Price: $50 for a one-time pass.
Caveat: Day passes are available only for American Express cardholders.
What it offers: Full-service modern bar with handcrafted premium cocktails; outstanding warm food offerings at the gourmet buffet; cushioned benches with pillows and cafe tables by windows

By Mia Taylor for MainStreet