"The treadmill desks never quite caught on because people didn't want to be sweating at work," she says. "But people are more health-conscious and they want something that allows a little more movement in their day. That's why standing desks continue to be so popular."

5. Have some color, just not McDonald's colors

"Red and yellow, those are McDonald's colors, not office colors," Kanarek says. "Add some color to your office with a nice rug, some art, but don't just throw paint on the walls without thinking about it. Color can change the mood of an office quicker than anything else."

Earth tones are best for a cozy yet professional office, Park says.

"If you like green, choose an earthy green — not a fluorescent green," she says. "You want to embrace color without making your office look like a child's room."

If you decide to incorporate wall paint into your office decor, try painting just one accent wall first.

"Sometimes an accent of color is better than the plastering of color everywhere. You want a pop of color, not a wash."

By Kathryn Tuggle for MainStreet

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