41 Billionaires: Meet the Richest Person in Every U.S. State

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- No matter where you live, there is someone living nearby who is richer than you are -- unless you're on a new list out from Wealth-X, an ultra-high net worth intelligence firm, which tracks the wealthiest person in every U.S. state. 

Bill Gates leads the pack and is the richest person in Washington, perhaps to the chagrin of Jeff Bezos, with $81.5 billion, but nine of those on the list are worth less than a billion. Six are women, including Christy Walton, heir to the Walmart (WMT) fortune, who is the richest woman in the world. 

Click through to see who the wealthiest person is in your corner of the country. We've ranked them least-to-most wealthy. Gates is the richest and Washington state is No. 1, but the Nos. 2, 3 and 4 are no slouches. Get all the way to the finish to see who they are! 

50. Jonathan Ledecky -- $340 million

State: Wyoming

Bio: Chairman of the Board and Chief Accounting Officer of Kitara Media Corp. (KITM)


49. Robert Gillam -- $480 million

State: Alaska

Bio: Founder, President and CEO of  McKinley Capital

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48. T. Denny Sanford -- $580 million

State: South Dakota

Bio: Chairman and CEO of  United National Corp.

47. Jay Shidler -- $700 million

State: Hawaii

Bio: Founder and managing partner of  The Shidler Group

46. Robert Gore -- $830 million

State: Delaware

Bio: Inventor of  Gore-Tex

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45. Leon Gorman -- $840 million

State: Maine

Bio: Former president and chairman of  L.L. Bean

44. David H. Nutt -- $880 million

State: Mississippi

Bio: Trial lawyer at law firm  Nutt-McAlister

43. Mack C. Chase -- $910 million

State: New Mexico

Bio: Founder of the  Mack Energy Corporation

42. Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. -- $950 million

State: Utah

Bio: Founder of the  Huntsman Corp. ( HUN)

41. Gary Tharaldson -- $1 billion

State: North Dakota

Bio: Founder of  Tharaldson Companies

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40. Frank Vandersloot -- $1.2 billion

State: Idaho

Bio: CEO of  Melaleuca

39. Dennis Albaugh -- $1.4 billion

State: Iowa

Bio: Founder of Albaugh Inc. 

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38. Thomas Benson -- $1.5 billion

State: Louisiana

Bio: Owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Hornets

37. James C. Justice II -- $1.6 billion

State: West Virginia

Bio: Founder of James C. Justice Companies

36. Robert Stiller -- $1.6 billion

State: Vermont

Bio: Founder of Keurig Green Mountain ( GMCR)

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35. Jonathan Nelson -- $1.6 billion

State: Rhode Island

Bio: CEO of  Providence Equity Partners

34. John S. Middleton -- $1.8 billion

State: Pennsylvania

Bio: Founder of  John Middleton Inc., an Altria ( MO) company.

33. Marguerite Harbert -- $1.8 billion

State: Alabama

Bio: Inherited fortune of late husband John Murdoch Harbert III

32. Brad M. Kelley -- $2 billion

State: Kentucky

Bio: Founder of Commonwealth Brands and real-estate investor

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31. Anita Zucker -- $2.7 billion

State: South Carolina 

Bio: CEO of  InterTech Group

30. Theodore Lerner -- $3.7 billion

State: Maryland

Bio: Founder of Lerner Enterprises and managing principal owner of the Washington Nationals

29. Whitney MacMillan -- $3.8 billion

State: Minnesota

Bio: Part owner of  Cargill Inc.

28. Thomas Frist, Jr. -- $4.3 billion

State: Tennessee

Bio: Co-founder of  Hospital Corporation of America

27. Bruce Halle, Sr. -- $4.7 billion

State: Arizona

Bio: Founder of  Discount Tire

26. Leslie Wexner -- $5.1 billion

State: Ohio

Bio: Chairman and CEO of  L Brands ( LB)

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25. Gayle Cook -- $5.1 billion

State: Indiana

Bio: Co-founder and director of  Cook Group

24. Kenneth C. Griffin -- $5.3 billion

State: Illinois

Bio: Founder of  Citadel

23. Dennis Washington -- $5.8 billion

State: Montana

Bio: Founder of  The Washington Companies

22. Kenneth Dart -- $5.8 billion

State: Michigan

Bio: Owner and director of Dart Enterprises and president of Dart Container

21. Micky Arison -- $6.5 billion

State: Florida

Bio: Former chairman of Carnival Corp. ( CCL) and managing partner of the Miami Heat

20. Jack C. Taylor -- $7.4 billion

State: Missouri

Bio: Founder of  Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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19. John Menard, Jr. -- $9.2 billion

State: Wisconsin

Bio: Founder of  Menard Inc.

18. David Tepper -- $10 billion

State: New Jersey

Bio: President and founder of  Appaloosa Management

17. Richard Cohen -- $10.1 billion

State: New Hampshire

Bio: Chairman of  C&S Wholesale Grocers

16. James Goodnight -- $11.1 billion

State: North Carolina

Bio: CEO of  SAS Institute

15. Anne Cox Chambers -- $12.1 billion 

State: Georgia

Bio: Director of  Cox Enterprises

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14. Raymand Dalio -- $14.3 billion

State: Connecticut 

Bio: Founder and chief investment officer of  Bridgewater Associates

13. Abigail Johnson -- $16.2 billion

State: Massachusetts

Bio: President of  Fidelity Investment's Financial Services

12. Charles Ergen -- $16.7 billion

State: Colorado

Bio: Founder and chairman of  DISH Network ( DISH)

11. Harold Hamm -- $17.6 billion

State: Oklahoma

Bio: Chairman and CEO of  Continental Resources ( CLR)

10. Michael Dell -- $17.9 billion

State: Texas

Bio: Founder and CEO of  Dell Inc.

9. Phil Knight -- $19 billion

State: Oregon

Bio: Chairman of  Nike ( NKE)

8. Forrest Mars, Jr. -- $25.9 billion

State: Virginia

Bio: Part owner of  Mars

7. Sheldon Adelson -- $29 billion

State: Nevada

Bio: Chairman and CEO of  Las Vegas Sands ( LVS)

6. Michael R. Bloomberg -- $33.7 billion

State: New York

Bio: Founder of  Bloomberg L.P.

5. Christy Walton -- $37.9 billion

State: Arkansas

Bio: Inherited Walmart fortune from late husband John Walton

4. David Koch -- $42 billion

State: Kansas

Bio: Executive Vice President of  Koch Industries

3. Lawrence Ellison -- $47.3 billion

State: California

Bio: Co-founder of Oracle ( ORCL)

2. Warren Buffett -- $66.9 bilion

State: Nebraska

Bio: Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.B)

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1. Bill Gates -- $81.5 billion

State: Washington    

Bio: Co-founder of Microsoft ( MSFT)

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