Colorado Technical University (CTU), announced that David Pogue, CBS Sunday Morning correspondent and former New York Times technology columnist, will be a guest speaker for its interactive lecture series, CTU Presents.

Pogue, who is also a New York Times best-selling author, founder of Yahoo Tech and a host of PBS’s science show “NOVA,” will showcase emerging technologies and discuss recent developments in the world of technology.

“David Pogue offers entertaining and insightful views on science and technology. We’re looking forward to having him share his insights on everything from the newest gadgets, interesting internet services and other social media innovations,” said Dr. Connie Johnson, university provost and chief academic officer. “CTU is dedicated to helping students and community members who are fascinated by these topics and want to gain more knowledge to continue to grow and learn. We feel fortunate that we can make these industry thought leaders and innovators accessible to staff, students and area residents.”

David will appear live at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center 200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, Colorado in the Denver Tech Center on Thursday, Oct. 16. Members of the public are invited to join for free in-person and can RSVP to Others interested in seeing David Pogue’s presentation also have the option of streaming the lecture via live stream on YouTube. CTU will take questions from the webcast participants in real-time on the YouTube live stream and on CTU’s Facebook and Twitter page with the hashtag #CTUPresents.

CTU started its CTU Presents lecture series to offer students, graduates, staff and members of the public insight into multiple industries as well as enable them to gain skills to help with their career progression.

Prior lecturers have included Jane McGonigal, a nationally recognized game designer, who discussed innovative approaches to problem solving as well as author and business relationship expert, Keith Ferrazzi. Keith talked about how establishing meaningful relationships and connections can impact your career. For more information about CTU Presents, including upcoming guest speakers and event venues go to

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