Hugging at the Office? Here's Some Advice to Handle the Situation

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- When a colleague moves in for a hug at the office, it’s not always the warm fuzzies you might feel.

Watch the video below for tips on how to handle a hug-happy co-worker:

Even if your office's policy strictly forbids touching in the workplace, it’s bound to happen at some point, raising the question: If you have a co-worker who’s a hugger, do you accept it and move in for a big embrace, or should you be more cautious?

Our experts weigh in on how to deal with a workplace hugger in a kind, professional way and when it’s time to escalate the problem to official workplace issue.

Here's their advice: Don’t go for the embrace. Switch things up and eventually they’ll get the hint, clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg says.

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