Real Money Pro’s Doug Kass: I Stand by My Apple Call

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When appropriate, you can count on me delivering a contrarian view of the markets, asset classes, sectors and individual equities.

You all might not agree with me, but I will accompany that view with a synopsis of my analysis.

More often than not, consider this delivery as food for thought that should be weighed against conventional wisdom.

Yesterday's Apple (AAPL) column is a good example of what I hope you all think is a value-added contribution.

In that missive, I concluded that with the launch this week of the new products, the last important product upgrade cycle (iPhone) is now upon the company and it is unlikely that any new products will move the company's needle beyond this cycle.

Investors may look through this eventuality and revise Apple's valuation lower in the months ahead.

Bottom line: Apple is a maturing company whose growth rate might be even less than overall corporate profit growth over the next decade

-- Daily Diary, "Why I Offer a Contrarian View on Apple, Etc."

Over the weekend, Barron's published a piece that criticized my recent analysis of Apple. Let me start by saying that I bleed Barron's blue. My relationship with Barron's has been rich, deep and rewarding, and it will continue to be for years to come.

Most important, I accept constructive criticism (from Barron's or anyone else), particularly when the author is Tiernan Ray, probably the best technology reporter around. I encourage strong, fact-filled criticism because it's a learning process for me. And such is the case with the Barron's piece over the weekend. That said, I'll offer my response.

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