Your 3% Pay Raise in 2015 - Don’t Spend It All in One Place

NEW YORK (BankingMyWay) -- Workers feel like they're getting a raw deal from employers when it comes to the digits appearing on their paychecks.

The thing is, they have a point. Raises in 2015 paychecks are expected to barely keep pace with inflation.

Median household income is $54,045 as of July 2014 -- 2.9% below the median average of $55,6139 in June 2009, when the post-recession economic recovery supposedly kicked in, according to Sentier Research, as well as 4.6% lower than in December 2007 and 5.7% lower than in January 2000, when the median average was $57,340 per household.

With incomes falling, Americans could really use a boost from their employers to keep treading water financially and keep their financial assets ahead of inflation, which stands at 1.4% now and is expected by some economic experts to spike to 2% next year.

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