The 10 Worst Jobs in America

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It's rare to meet someone that doesn't complain about their job. Work is stressful, the weeks are too long, the weekends are too short and for many people vacations are few and far between.

People ranting about their jobs tend to say that their jobs are the worst. But what makes up the worst jobs in the U.S.? For some people, not liking what they do for a living makes their job the worst.

Other people love their jobs, but having a job you love, doesn't mean it's the best job to have. Several factors can contribute to a person's claim that they have the worst job, including what they're paid, their workload and the physical demand the job places on them.

Each year issues a list of the best and worst jobs, based on information collected from the Department of Labor, ranking them using a range of criteria, and then placing the jobs in four categories, stress, outlook, income, and environment.

In its list of the worst jobs for 2014, noted that jobs ranking in "the bottom 10 tend to be crucial to society."

For example, firefighters are on the list of the worst jobs, not because the individuals hate what they are doing, in fact those well acquainted with firefighters will tell you that they absolutely love what they do, but the high stress, extreme danger, and low pay are the contributing factors to their inclusion on this list.

Do you have one of the worst jobs of 2014? Find out below:

10. Corrections Officer

Median Annual Salary (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics): $38,970

Projected Job Growth by 2022: 5%

Corrections officers face a high level of danger throughout their workday, as they work with and around some of society's most dangerous individuals. The profession is expected to grow only 5% by 2022, and that, coupled with low pay, places corrections officer on the list of worst jobs.

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