For SnobSwap, Bricks-and-Mortar Boutiques Make Difference in Luxury Online Consignment

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) — Remember when shopping with your girlfriends, sisters or other family members was a fun, daylong event full of laughter, bargain hunting and actually driving or walking from one bricks-and-mortar store to another?

Filene's Basement? Check.

Nordstrom Rack? Check.

Elise Whang remembers. She and her sisters would bond while perusing consignment shops in search of marked-down luxury items. 

"It was really an obsession, consignment shopping at these wonderful boutiques with my sisters. We would consignment-shop hop and make it into a sister day," Whang says. "It was the thrill of the hunt. We would find a Chanel bag and that feeling of saving money and finding this gem became addicting."

Then life got busier, filled with careers, kids and moves to far-flung places and the rituals were replaced gradually with shopping online. Life in the shadow of Amazon and eBay has made shopping in actual stores seem almost quaint, or just time consuming.

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Whang, however, never forgot her passion for bargain shopping at luxury consignment boutiques, and the law school grad has channeled that thrill of the hunt into the creation of a very modern version of the ritual: an online consignment marketplace for luxury goods.

Launched in mid-2013, Whang's SnobSwap, co-founded with sister Emily Dang, allows busy fashionistas to take the hunt for bargains online. 

A growing number of websites have launched recently with the same goal, but SnobSwap differentiates itself in a few key ways.

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