Portfolio manager shares his top investing tip

By Covestor

Investing early and often to take advantage of the magic of compounding is one of the most important things investors can do to grow wealth.

“You should get started as early as possible and stick with as long as you can,” Tom Yorke said during a recent appearance on Entrepreneur Podcast Network.


Yorke is managing director at Oceanic Capital, and manages the Global Diversified Conservative and Global Diversified Aggressive portfolios on Covestor.

In the interview, he talked about the importance of getting an early start on investing, and how waiting 10 years can make a huge difference. For example, starting at age 35 rather than 25 can have a dramatic impact over an investing lifetime, he explained. That’s one reason why Millennials delaying their investing or shying away from the stock market is problematic.

Yorke also discussed how he got into investing, his favorite market metrics and research, and the benefits of rebalancing and diversification.

The full interview is embedded below:

Tom Yorke

Tom Yorke

Oceanic Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser based in New York. I am Tom Yorke, Oceanic's Managing Director.