Cramer: Stop Trading Apple

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- Oh my, they are doing it again. The analysts, the bloggers, the Apple-ites, they are drumming up excitement for the Sept. 9 meeting that is almost impossible for Apple (AAPL) to surpass.

In other words, here it comes again: "Jim, how do I trade Apple?"

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Close observers of these columns, of ActionAlerts PLUS and of "Mad Money" know that I have developed a definitive bias against trading. The ETFs, the high-frequency trading bandits, the lack of any identifiable edge, have turned me against recommending trades. I don't mind investing ahead of a quarter, but I am not trying to get you in and out of a stock. Plus, candidly, in the world I am in, the world of a global fishbowl with lots of people actually wanting me to fail, I am not going to give anyone that level of satisfaction if I can avoid it.

Which brings me to Apple. I have been an Apple stalwart for many years with a correct wavering from $650 down to the $400s before the company went from being shareholder agnostic to being religious about its shareholders. Ever since the company started its buyback and its dividend plan and rolled out some successful iPhones that put Samsung in retreat and obliterated BlackBerry (BBRY) , I have said one thing over and over again: Don't trade Apple, just own it.

But when you get calls that can be loosely translated into "You are going to get your socks knocked off at this meeting," and you learn about something that would be a huge splash, a wallet with all of the right players lined up -- namely, Visa (V) , MasterCard (MA) and American Express (AXP) -- it's simply anticlimactic and therefore a long-into-the-meeting, short- at-the-meeting situation.

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