How Watson Can Spark a Data-Driven R&D Revolution

NEW YORK (TheStreet) –– IBM (IBM) continues to show off its $1 billion investment in Watson, Wednesday announcing the IBM Watson Discovery Advisor, which will help innovators and entrepreneurs get answers to questions that are currently without answers.

TheStreet's Ruben Ramirez reports on how IBM's Watson is helping U.S. Open fans enjoy the matches online:

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Watson is "a computer that inspires people and points them toward the next great idea," said IBM Watson Group Vice President John Gordon in a phone interview with TheStreet. "It puts Watson towards the question of, 'Where should I go with my time?' "

Global research and development spending at the top 1,000 companies topped $638 billion in 2013, according to Booz & CompanyAvailable now, and delivered as a cloud service, Watson can help research and development teams around the world utilize their resources best.

One of the larger areas of focus is the life sciences field, where a research paper is published every 30 seconds. The Watson Discovery Advisor can help read the papers to start analyzing and creating hypotheses from the papers that are already available, as well as new ones.

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"We're entering an extraordinary age of data-driven discovery," said Mike Rhodin, senior vice president, IBM Watson Group in the press release. "The proliferation of data is exasperating an organization's ability to discover connections between disparate data. Today's announcement is a natural extension of Watson's cognitive computing intelligence, empowering research, developers and industry experts, with powerful insights and connections in data, giving scientists the ability to make connections with data that others don't see, which can lead to significant breakthrough discoveries."

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