Cramer: Hain Can Defy the Shorts

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- I know when you have a stock up as much as Hain Celestial (HAIN) was yesterday, more than nine points or 11%, you should just say, "I missed it." But this market has changed its coloration again and because it is so thin out there, the big boys haven't been able to get enough stock in at easy levels to either establish their positions or cover their shorts.

In other words, just like Home Depot (HD) and TJX (TJX) , which were up huge Tuesday and then moved nicely again yesterday, I think there is more to go with Hain in today's session and maybe beyond.

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Before I say why, let me point out that 7% of Hain is sold short and there are some very high profile bashers of the stock on Twitter, including one fellow who will remain nameless with tweets that indicated even as late as the morning after the earnings came out that they weren't so hot and lacked "leverage." It was stupefying to see the same old gripe that there was no organic growth and it is all done with roll-up acquisitions when there were multiple callouts of products that have grown by leaps and bounds.

Not only that, but given the aggressive nature of the Target (TGT) , Walmart (WMT) and, perhaps most importantly, Kroger (KR) commitments to natural and organic, I think that this company can handily beat its incredibly high forecast for next year.

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