Greenberg: Home Depot's CEO Will Never Make My 'Worst' List

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- Every year I do a "Worst CEOs" list, and one person who will never make that list is Home Depot's (HD) Frank Blake. And not just because of the most recent quarter's earnings.

If I did a "Best CEOs" list, Blake would be on top, year after year.

The odds were against Blake when he took over the CEO reins, because, for the most part, he was a nobody to those outside of the company.

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I don't know Blake and have met him only once, in a group of people, but from the outside, he seems to have a trait I admire in corporate leaders: He doesn't seem overly impressed, at least to those around him, with himself. He just seems like one of those CEOs who is as effective talking with the janitor as with the CFO. It's a great skill, one that I believe is innate, and one that tends to characterize someone who can lead by inspiration, not intimidation.

I'm certainly not a management consultant, but in 40 years of working for mostly good people, I know a thing or two about what makes a good manager. Blake just seems to be the kind of exec people want to work for. After all, he and other top Home Depot execs regularly wear the Home Depot aprons and work the stores.

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