The Valspar Corporation (NYSE: VAL) today announced that its Valspar Valde™ Edge Coverage Powder (ECP) coating technology has delivered as promised in the real-world environment, achieving best-in-class edge corrosion resistance for the Heavy Machinery market. In May 2014, nearly two and a half years after the first Valde ECP coated machine went into field testing, Valspar conducted its latest field audit of a skid steer loader. This skid steer loader was deployed for a variety of extreme uses, including asphalt grinding. Results show that the edges of the loader held up as well or better than anticipated, especially when compared to sharp edges on machines coated with traditional coatings. Valspar Valde ECP is an innovative coating designed to provide best-in-class edge corrosion resistance for the Heavy Machinery market while achieving the same smooth appearance customers have come to expect, and all at the lowest possible applied cost.

“Seeing Valde ECP come to life with real-world performance improvements for our Heavy Machinery customers is very gratifying,” said Jason Bolz, director of global heavy machinery, Valspar Industrial. “Valde ECP is not a concept—it was launched in March 2013 after years of research and development and pilot field trials—and is a fully-validated commercial solution in use today by multiple customers and on multiple continents.” According to Bolz, the rigorous field test provides additional evidence that Valspar customers can rely on this solution to improve the edge corrosion durability of their heavy machinery.

Valspar designed Valde ECP as a breakthrough technology with the Heavy Machinery market as a key customer segment. With Valde ECP, the powder primer and top coat are applied in a single cure stage, eliminating the capital and operational expenses associated with a second curing oven. Valde ECP provides tough, longer-lasting edge corrosion protection than traditional products while delivering a smooth coating finish.

“Using a variety of industry data points, we estimate that heavy machinery manufacturers spend more than $250 million each year on edge corrosion warranty issues,” said Bolz. “This is a significant enhancement and will make a big difference for our customers.”

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