3 Health and Safety Tips to Use Before the Kids' First Class

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Parents may be busy loading backpacks and buying computer supplies and clothing for their kids heading back to school, but there are even more important things mom and dad should be concerned about: a health and safety checklist that helps ensure their child’s excursion back into the classroom is safe and happy.

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles has a checklist of health and safety moves parents should make before their kids hit the schoolyard. Here’s a snapshot of the CHLA list:

Get vaccinated. The experts at CHLA say vaccinations are “the key to your child’s health” and can vastly reduce the odds of serious illnesses such as whooping cough, measles and chickenpox (the first two of which are on the rise, the hospital reports). “Although these diseases are vaccine-preventable, they continue to circulate worldwide and cause infections in un-immunized children here in the United States,” says Jeffrey Bender, a CHLA disease specialist. “It is very important that children receive and update their vaccines for the well-being of themselves and others.”

Sports concussion checkup. Visit a health care provider staffed with a sports injury specialist to conduct a baseline concussion evaluation at the beginning of each school sports season. “Concussion evaluations are invaluable in that they allow for an educative opportunity for both the athlete and family involved. Information on concussion recognition, safe return to school and play, tips on recovery, warning signs for emergent care and future risk factors can all be addressed in this setting,” says Bianca Edison, an attending physician at CHLA.

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