Xerox And MoneyGram To Transform Child Support Payments

Xerox (NYSE:XRX) is teaming up with MoneyGram, a leading money transfer and payment services company, to assist people in transmitting child support payments to state agencies and custodial parents. The agreement creates a simple way for parents to pay child support, helping to ensure that children receive the support due to them from both parents.

MoneyGram has more than 39,000 locations nationwide in retail stores. Through the agreement, MoneyGram will transmit child support payments to Xerox’s national portal, ExpertPay. Xerox will deliver the electronic funds to 49 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and state child support agencies can then make payments to custodial parents.

“This agreement with MoneyGram is the ‘innovation of the year’ in terms of improving the child support system. We have created convenience for parents and can deliver funds to agencies in a format that supports automatic and quicker processing to recipients,” said Nancy Collins, group president, State Enterprise Solutions, Xerox. “We are committed to working with state agencies to make sure children receive financial support from both parents on a regular and reliable basis.”

Innovative security technology will be in place to help prevent fraudulent transactions. During each transaction, the retail cashier will receive a notification on the screen that will quickly verify that the payer has a child support obligation in the destination state. On the receiving end, child support agencies will have the ability to ensure the transaction is legitimate before delivering the funds to a custodial parent.

“The infrastructure Xerox has in place with nearly every state opens a significant delivery channel that allows MoneyGram to move funds to custodial parents quickly and securely,” said Peter Ohser, MoneyGram’s executive vice president, U.S. and Canada. “Working with Xerox, we can provide tremendous value to people who need to use cash for their child support payments.”

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