Apple iPad Fad Is Over

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Buried in Apple's recent quarterly earnings report is what some observers are calling the obituary for the iPad. That's because in the recent quarter sales fell 9.2%. That follows a 16% drop three months earlier.

In the second quarter 2013, iPad sales had vaulted up 84%.

Electronic devices have short lives. Consider the Palm Pilot. A must-have in 2002, a what's-that by 2005. Or BlackBerry - 10 million subscribers in 2007, absolutely irrelevant by 2012.

Should iPad figure in these lists? Indeed, it is beginning to resemble the iPod, which went from selling 22 million units in Q1 2008 to 6 million in Q4 2013. In Q1 2013, iPod sales totaled more than twice as much: 12.7 million.

Even Apple fanboys are on an iPod death watch - who needs it when a 16 GB iPhone can store perhaps 4,000 songs and the audio quality is equal to an iPod? Many cars - from the Ford Fusion to the BMW 328i - offer easy ways to link an iPhone into the car stereo system. Call this a war that Apple won, but it won it for the iPhone and the countdown to oblivion for iPod - introduced in 2002, by the way - is now loud. After all, 12 years in electronic gadget years is a long run.

Could the iPad go the same way? Introduced in 2010, the iPad is comparatively youthful, even for an electronic device, but it has drawbacks. Two big ones.

Price for starters. A well equipped iPad nudges near $1,000. The cost of even a stripped iPad Air approaches $500.

That money, even for the cheapest iPad, would buy a ChromeBook laptop ($249 via Samsung) and leave dough for a Nexus 7" tablet ($229).

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