The 10 U.S. States With the Laziest Kids

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It's no secret that a child born after the Millennial Generation in the U.S. may be more compelled to beat the newest Xbox game rather than run around outside with friends.

According to the State Indicator Report on Physical Activity for 2014 compiled by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, certain states have a higher rate of kids who don't participate in any physical activity on a daily basis. The survey reported 15.2% of young people on a national level do not engage in any physical activity, while 27.1% meet the guideline for aerobic activity, and 29.4% of kids receive a daily dose of physical education.

Some states, however, have been making efforts to improve the lazy state of kids in America. The health departments of Minnesota, Massachusetts and Michigan, for example, are currently working to promote urban design to enhance access to safe places for physical activity, along with focusing on the improvement of physical education and physical activity in a school setting.

Despite that effort, here are the 10 states that most need to get their youth people in motion, based on the percentage of those who reported no physical activity on a daily basis.

10th Laziest: Maryland

Maryland comes in as the 10th laziest state for kids as The Old Line State doesn't have a recess policy, physical activity for preschoolers, or guidance on policies for school districts on walking or biking to or from school, according to the CDC's report.

Percentage of those who reported no physical activity: 18%

Met aerobic activity guideline: 21.6%

Received daily physical education: 18.2%

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