5 Once-Hot Home Construction Features No One Wants

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Fashions come and fashions go not just in clothing but also in housing construction, and here's a look at five features that are definitely "out" in 2014 among newly built homes.

"A lot of these are nice [amenities], but not make-or-break features that determine whether someone will buy a particular place," says Stephen Melman of the National Association of Home Builders, which surveyed some 400 members recently to see what they're planning to include in upcoming projects.

Melman says items the survey found have fallen out of fashion are generally expensive amenities that few consumers are willing to pay for in today's post-bust housing market.

"A lot of it has to do with the bottom line," he says. "Consumers are asking: 'Is this something I can cross out and still enjoy my new home?'"

Look below for a rundown of items that survey participants told the NAHB they're least likely to build into typical homes (or click here for a look at features that topped the association's poll).

All of the amenities below averaged less than 2.5 on a five-point scale of how likely contractors said they were to include a given feature in homes they planned to build in the near future.

Two-story family rooms
Score: 2.4
The two-story family room -- a ground-floor family room with nothing above until you hit the second-floor ceiling -- had its fans before the housing bust, but its popularity is in the sub-basement these days.

"These rooms are expensive to heat and cool and they tend to feel cold, large and distance -- the opposite of coziness," Melman says. "That's why they've lost their 'oomph.'"

Score: 2.1 (tie)
Melman says sunrooms are "wonderful places in cold-weather climates because the winters are so dark," but that the sun has set on demand for them in these leaner times.

"Many new homes used to come with a media room, a hobby room and a sunroom, but all of that costs a lot of money that not everyone wants to spend any more," he says.

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