iPhone 6 Event: September 9

Apple's next generation flagship smartphone should hit the stores in early October

After months of speculation, rumor and leaks, it finally seems that the iPhone 6 may be about to be unveiled. The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Apple will unveil its next-generation smartphone at a special event on September 9.

Apple follows typical strategy

Although Apple Inc. ( AAPL) is currently declining to comment on these reports, A September unveiling would be very much consistent with its previous strategy for the iPhone. Previous versions of Apple's flagship smartphone have typically been announced in early to mid-September, with the actual device going on sale a few weeks later.

The timing of this particular iPhone reveal was originally unveiled by the technology news site Re/code. Citing sources apparently very close to the Apple hierarchy, the credibility of these reports is such that numerous major outlets have since picked up on them.

In terms of the release date for the iPhone 6, this is still open to speculation. Recent reports emanating from Apple’s supply chain have indicated that, contrary to the popular belief of analysts for sometime, the iPhone 6 could hit the stores in October. Today’s announcement does rather support this notion, but it is too early to say whether or not the October prognosis will be correct.

It is certainly possible that Apple could yet release the iPhone 6 later in September although it would be very late in September based on the date of the unveiling. However, the latest leaks from the Apple supply chain suggest that this is unlikely. What can be said very confidently is that the iPhone 6 will hit the market later than the previous iPhone release. The dual iPhone 5S and 5C release took place in the second week of September, 2013.

iPhone 6′s phablet version uncertainty

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