NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The National Football League is about to start another season with the preseason already underway. The first full week of preseason games kicks off Thursday night, and the regular season is just a few weeks away after that.

At AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, professional games won’t be the only football that will be on display. In addition to hosting two preseason and eight regular season Cowboys games, AT&T Stadium will feature some top college football games as well.

With Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech so close by, they’re each taking advantage of the enormous and well-built stadium with games at the arena. And while the arena is farther away than students are generally used to, these tickets are still selling for high averages.

According to, only one of the four college football games scheduled at AT&T Stadium has an average price below $200, and that’s a Big 12 matchup between Texas Tech and Baylor. The game between the two high-octane offenses is currently averaging $165.51, but that number might go up as we get closer to the game on Nov. 29.

In contrast, the least expensive game on the Dallas Cowboys' schedule is against the Arizona Cardinals, with a $184.47 average. Even though the game is against a team with double-digit wins last season and a former division rival of the Cowboys when they were in the NFC East, it’s the least-demanded Cowboys game of the year.

The most expensive college football game of the season is Texas A&M against Arkansas. It probably helps that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is an alumni of Arkansas, but it’s still surprising considering Texas A&M no longer has the drawing power of quarterback Johnny Manziel, who left for the NFL this past year. Texas A&M tickets for the game are averaging $326.56 on the secondary market, the only college football game to average over $300 in Arlington.

There are only two games of the eight home games the Cowboys have that exceed the $300 average. The first game is against the San Francisco 49ers, a team with a storied postseason rivalry with the Cowboys and one of the premier teams in the NFL. Tickets for the game are one of the most expensive in the league with a $432.20 average. The second game is against the Houston Texans, with the in-state rivals leading to an average ticket price of $315.25 despite having the worst record in the league last season.

The other two college football games at AT&T Stadium this year is the 2014 Cowboy Classic with Oklahoma State hosting last season’s National Champion Florida State, and Texas hosting UCLA. Oklahoma State vs Florida State tickets have an average price of $246.20, and the Texas vs UCLA tickets have an average price of $282.38.

AT&T Stadium will also be the host site of the National Championship Game on January 12, 2015. It will be the first to come after the College Football Playoffs. It will also likely be a highly priced ticket on the secondary market as last year's game between Florida State and Auburn had an average price of $907.

The stadium is one of the nicest and well-known stadiums in the country. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spared no expense in building the state-of-the-art complex, and now the stadium will host more than 10 Cowboys home games a year. For football that means several high-profile college football matchups as well, with each game averaging near the same amount that their NFL counterpart is on the secondary market.

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