The 9 Best Android Phones in the World

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Walk into any carrier store looking for a phone, and you'll be bombarded with a plethora of Android smartphones. Dozens of black, white, gold, and the occasional blue, yellow, or purple slabs all vie for your attention on the carrier's shelves. One of Android's biggest strengths, the wide array of available devices, can also make choosing a phone a daunting task.

There's no definitive best phone for everyone, but there are a few Android smartphones that stand above the rest. Phones with better specs than most others, that have better industrial design, or simply phones that are a better value than their competitors. I took all three of these aspects into account for this list.

Keep in mind that the world of Android phones is constantly shifting, with new phones coming every few weeks. This list can only promise to be up to date as of July, 2014. In the coming months there may be new versions of some phones on this list which may cause them to move up or down the list. Or, brand new phones may come around that knock one of these off the list.

9. HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon edition

The Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One (M8) gets its own spot on this list because of the impressive audio features of the device. The phone uses Harman's Clari-Fi technology to improve the audio quality of compressed files. That means better music through the HTC One (M8)'s already impressive speakers, or through headphones.

LiveStage, another Harman technology, gives you the feeling of being at a show by improving the audio of your files. Combined, the two technologies make the phone great for those who care about the audio quality of the songs they listen to on their phone.

The only downside of the HTC One (M8) Harman/Kardon edition, and the reason it isn't much higher on this list, is that it's only available through Sprint. I can't recommend that anyone switch to the Sprint network unless it's inexplicably the strongest network in their area.

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